Time-lapse: Carriageworks transformed

08 August 2017 | Events

What does it take to transform a beautiful, raw warehouse space into a thriving gala event?

Start with an empty space of 4,200 sqm then add 18 AV1 staff and over a dozen other suppliers all building the magic over 19 hours of set up time.

Throw in 16 projectors, over 140 lighting fixtures and 1,000 balloons ready to drop from the skies and you have yourself a party!

Add the final touch with 60 music tracks, DJ Hot Dub Time Machine and 1,100 excited guests. Now you’re ready to roll.

We get a tingle in our toes when incredible events like this come together. It’s always a team effort so we’d like to say thank you to our client and fellow suppliers who helped produce this spectacular show.

Inspired by what you see? Ask us about building some of these elements into your next event.

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