How break-in sessions are bringing event attendees closer

18 October 2017 | Events

BREAKING NEWS. Have you heard of a “Break-In” session?

The “Break-In” as it was coined, was a brainchild of AV1 for a speaker showcase, just after the Sydney Convention Centre closed down. With a shortage of available conference spaces, form followed function and the idea became a reality.

Unlike Break-Out sessions where your guests leave the plenary room, for a Break-In they stay put.

It’s different and very convenient for your guests.

Best of all, it saves on additional room hire costs and makes previously unsuitable venues become a possibility!

For a recent conference, we ran four simultaneous Break-In sessions with everyone still in the same room.

This idea was most recently used by our Creative Director Keith Findlay. He’d love to chat about it more if you’d like to discover the magic behind it. Feel free to contact Keith here.

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