Top catering trends for 2018

01 February 2018 | Tips

This one’s for the foodies.

Like AV, without great catering your event will fall flat. Your guests are increasingly more exposed to international dining trends, fads and new culinary concepts via the media, Instagram and food blogs. So they’re far better informed and food-savvy and you need to keep up.

But don’t fear. We got the scoop on this year’s top catering trends from Geoff Haviland, Culinary Director at Fresh Catering. Incorporate some of these into your events and we promise your guests won’t leave disappointed.



Pacific Flavoured Poke Bowls and Broth-less Ramen Bowls

They’re visually appealing and practical for caterers. The ph balance of the rice means they can be prepared in advance without compromising the quality or safety of the dish – so great for large events too.

They are also pleasing for the health-conscious and easy to eat at a cocktail event.




Kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, house-made or artisan pickles… all these are still in vogue. Plus, they’ve been identified as important to our overall health.

Locavore cuisine

This year it’ll be really important to use locally grown produce wherever possible, with a great focus on provenance and sustainability. Make sure your caterer sources their food from local suppliers and make it visible on the menu too.

Charcoal cuisine

Grilling over coals imparts a beautifully honest smoky flavour. And the textural changes as a result are incredible. The technique also ignites memories of childhood barbecues.


Photo: Jason Loucas for Biota Dining


Collaboration with celebrity chef consultants

Pairing with upcoming or current “hot chefs” allows catering companies to stay ahead of the trend and incorporate these innovations in their menus. Ask your catering supplier if they’ve got plans for this in 2018.

Greater chef interaction

This year expect to see increasing demand for action stations and chefs talking with guests, explaining what they are doing. You can’t go past a yummy food truck, unique pop-up concept or dynamic self-service station.

Canape style menus replacing formal sit-down dining

The formal sit-down menu is out. Substantial canapes and static stations are in. Guests want variety and love to serve themselves from a food station – especially if it’s grammable.

Greater simplicity and less pretension

We all know presentation is key. But the trend this year is towards honest and practical. Caterers will concentrate on the honesty of flavours – everything has a reason for being on the plate.




What can you expect to see from caterers in 2018?

  • Introduction of Cassava Flour into menus (it’s gluten, grain and nut free)
  • Miso-aged meats will become increasingly popular
  • Chaga mushrooms are predicted to be the next big superfood (great for digestive balance)
  • Seaweed is being used more in menus, either as a direct ingredient or as a sauce, butter or rub
  • Vegan menus
  • Increased incorporation of styling into menus and dishes, which reinforce the theme of the menu
  • Greater flexibility of menus
  • Veggie-centric dishes, stem to stalk
  • Macro-diets and greater transparency of ingredients, adhering to dietary requirements

So there it is. Who else just got hungry?




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