Spotlight on Conference Auckland

26 February 2018 | Events

We love designing multi-layered, textured sets and this one we produced for a conference in Auckland is no exception.

Held at Auckland Museum Events Centre – an excellent venue choice – the secret to the success of this multi-day production was ensuring all elements worked together beautifully.


A bold green theme was incorporated wholistically into the event design from the get go. The conference and awards dinner were awash with green elements, a colour that represents life, renewal and harmony.

Fresh greenery

To carry through the colour and theme of the event and to add texture, the set was designed with an abundance of fresh greenery. This provided a natural, harmonious space to encourage open-thinking, collaboration and focus.

High quality content

As an event professional, you know how important it is to have high quality content at your events. We produced an opening video, presenter stings, background visuals and various other media content to connect the audience with the event theme and objectives.

Blended projection

The set included two blended projection walls to hero the content and engage the audience. With quite a wide venue, the dual screens allowed the audience to feel close to the centre, encouraging better audience participation and discussion.

Illuminated LED set feature

A custom made LED element was created as a feature with design inspiration taken from the conference logo. The custom set piece brought to life the conference theme, tying in nicely with on-screen content.

It’s always good fun working on international events and no matter where in the world your event takes place, we’re there for you.

For best results, get in touch with our team early in the piece to benefit from our design ideas before you lock down your venue and overall concept.

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