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01 June 2018 | Events Tips


PART I: Pre-event

A holistic approach to content creation will increase engagement and help you communicate better with your audience – both in the lead up to your event and on the day.

Here we take a look at a case study from an event where AV1 led the design direction for all event-related content in addition to the technical production.


The Institution of Surveyors NSW


2018 NSW Excellence in Surveying & Spatial Information Awards (EISSI Awards)

Event Overview:

The EISSI Awards is an annual gala event – a hot ticket on the calendar for members of the Surveying industry.

The event includes a formal sit-down dinner, awards presentation and entertainment feature for 350 guests.

But the event doesn’t just begin the night-of.

For months beforehand organisers are connecting with attendees through multiple channels including social media, direct mail and print magazines.

Maintaining a dialogue with guests from the previous year’s event and forming new connections prior to this year’s event is a sure way to maximise engagement.


The benefit of being a one-stop shop for event design, content creation, media production and AV means two things for our clients; peace of mind and continuity.

As well as designing and running the technical production for this event, our media team was tasked with designing all of the collateral – from pre-event comms through to all content on the night.

The event collateral took multiple forms and was to be distributed across various channels. It included a variety of;

  • print (magazine, invitations, brochures)
  • digital (web, direct mail, social media, stills, animations, videos)
  • event content (awards packages, voiceovers, wallpapers, screen animations, set design)




Managing the full production as well as content creation means our AV and media teams could collaborate together with the client on a design that would inspire all elements.

Our media team created a design that would invigorate the event brand, flowing through the year leading up to the event, on the night and beyond.

Collaborating on the design direction right from the beginning, coupled with our experience in the technical production of the event, meant the content was informed and fit for purpose. And ensured it would look spectacular across multiple viewing platforms.

The result?
  • A consistent look and feel and continuity in the event branding
  • Maintained focus on the event and brand objectives with the end goal kept in mind
  • Communications that will translate successfully on event day, since we get the technical side

Stay tuned for Part II to see the outcome of the event…

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