AV1’s B Corp story

01 July 2018 | Community

In October 2016, AV1 officially became a Certified B Corporation – making us the first AV company in the world to do so.

Attending Wildwon’s Purpose conference in 2015, our Operations Manager Nathan Murray discovered the B Corp movement for the first time. It was here he realised that AV1 had the power to inspire change.

So what exactly is a B Corp?

Benefit Corporations (B Corp for short) are businesses that have undergone an arduous assessment process that explores their governance, transparency, environmental and social impact.

They are businesses who compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

“We feel so privileged to be part of the B Corp movement and are continuing to make improvements to our business in order to have a positive impact in our wider community,” said AV1 Managing Director Keith Wootton..

“We hope that by leading the way, others in the industry will follow suit and prioritise sustainability and inclusiveness.”

There are more than 2,000 Certified B Corporations in over 50 countries, including companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, Hootsuite and Patagonia.

“It’s important to me that the company I work for cares about its community, is inclusive, and makes progressive changes to increase the positive impact it has on its environment,” said Nathan.

You too can become a B Corp and be the change you seek in the world. To learn more visit www.bcorporation.net.au or contact us at AV1 – we’re here to help.

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