10 takeaways from TEDxSydney

31 July 2018 | Events Technology Tips

TEDxSydney. It’s the leading platform for ideas, creativity and innovation.

And on a sunny Friday in June some of our AV1ders attended with 5,000 others to experience this year’s flagship event.

Here are 10 cool things they saw that’ll inspire your next event.

Please note: AV1 was not involved in the production of TEDxSydney. Full credit for these ideas and production elements is attributed to the event organisers, production partners and suppliers. Visit the TEDxSydney website for further information. All photos in this article are by TEDxSydney.
1. VR headsets
There were more than six virtual reality experiences to try at TEDxSydney. When we talk innovation and tech, VR is often one of the first things people think of. So it’s fitting for it to appear at events like this.

Seeing the different applications of VR and the different experiences it can create was exciting. And we loved the views of the city in one of them. What a way to showcase a destination, a venue, a product or a brand experience.

2. Green walls

It was great to see multiple green walls in various different styles around the event.

Greenery inspires creativity and connectedness, not to mention a comfortable environment for fresh thinking and idea generation. So whenever you can incorporate this into your event space, you should.

We especially liked that on the other side of one of the green walls was a blank canvas and an artist painting a live mural. Great idea.

3. Playground

As kids, our imaginations run wild. Children love to think outside the box, create stories and aren’t limited by things like budgets, politics or fear of failure.

So how about a giant, colourful playground for your attendees to clear their minds, free their spirit and tap into their inner child.

If that doesn’t inspire innovative thinking, then what will?

4. Pedaling charge station

Charge stations are essential at events these days. And there are loads of ways you can incorporate them. Having one that’s eco-friendly and social at the same time? Love it.

One charge station at TEDxSydney involved attendees sitting around a table, pedaling for power. What would normally be an antisocial activity, this encouraged people to interact with one another. After all, isn’t that why we attend live events?

5. Silent Yoga

Having somewhere for your attendees to wind down and process the information they’ve taken in during the day is a winning idea. Yoga is just one way to do this. But incorporating a silent PA into the mix is genius.

In fact, the event had various silent PA systems set up around the room so that multiple spaces could be activated for attendees wanting to listen to and participate in different sessions.

6. Big bold balloons

Giant inflatables are an interesting and fun feature when you’ve got a huge amount of space. They’re good for identifying areas at a distance. And for filling up big spaces.

7. An extra, extra wide screen

With five 16:9 screens all joined together, audience members certainly weren’t going to miss a beat.

The extra wide aspect ratio and seamless screen design meant that no matter where you were seated, you could see and connect with the content presented to you.

With wide screens like this, it’s critical to create custom content to suit the screen layout – something TEDxSydney did well.

8. Round stage

We love a good round stage! They’re great for a wide room and draw your eye to the right place at the right time. Especially with such a huge stage and screen, your focus is drawn to the presenter rather than wandering all over the place.

Having an unusual stage design can be all it takes to change up the look and feel of an event.

And we thought the compass featured on this one was cool too.

9. Vox pops

Audience engagement is what all event organisers aim for at their events (if not, they should!) TEDxSydney provided loads of ways to engage with the event content, event partners and other attendees.

One of these was with vox pops taking place throughout the day. It provided attendees with the opportunity to contribute and engage with the event’s theme; Humankind.

10. Sustainability efforts

The event’s themes of humankind and compassion were clearly considered in the early stages of organising. And their sustainability efforts are commendable.

They provided a reusable cup system, created clear waste and recycling stations, sourced earth-friendly foods and there wasn’t a straw or plastic bag in sight.

Check out their article on working towards a zero waste event here.

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