Ask our AV1ders: Best speakers on the circuit (Part II)

17 August 2018 | Events Tips

Earlier this year we brought you our speaker recommendations. And it was our most popular article ever.

So here we are again with Part II.

Our AV1ders have put together this list with some of the best speakers they’ve seen at gigs so far this year.


Solli Raphael

His story: He’s the youngest ever winner of the all-adult National Australian Poetry Slam Championship title. A young environmentalist, Solli speaks for humanity in his poetry and ignites inspiration for change along the way.

Why he’s great: You’ll be blown away by how a 13 year old kid can present in such an awe-inspiring way in front of a crowded room of adults. He’s articulate and challenges his audience to think and act as a collective, not as individuals.


Dr Fiona Kerr

Her story: Do you want a robot to hold your hand when you die? Or do you want a human? This is the question Dr Kerr will often pose to her audience, drawing attention to important human issues and how they impact us on a personal and global level. After undertaking a PhD in neuroscience and complex systems engineering, Fiona’s research has focussed on the neurophysiological impact of human interaction with each other and technology.

Why she’s great: Fiona’s scientific knowledge sets her apart from other speakers in this space, so she’s highly engaging. She’ll get you thinking about the science behind human connection and technology’s place in it.


Father Rod Bower

His story: Fr Bower is the Rector of Gosford and an ambassador for the Refugee Council of Australia. He advocates passionately for social justice and human rights issues, including marriage equality, Asylum Seekers, First Nations people, gun control and climate change.

Why he’s great: As one of our AV1ders described him; he’s a “man of the people.” Despite some finding him controversial, he shares a great message and shifts the focus to building a just society.


Amanda Stevens

Her story: Amanda is a consumer trends and customer experience expert. She demystifies why consumers buy, handing businesses the keys to building customer and brand advocacy. Amanda gives organisations a peek into the future of buying behaviour and provides strategies for anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s consumer and future proofing any business.

Why she’s great: She’s considered one of the most dynamic and creative thought leaders in Australia. And one of the most dynamic presenters too. She’s funny, witty and a great storyteller. And she’ll have your audience absolutely hooked from start to finish.


Thomas Oxley

His story: Thomas has a PhD in Neural Engineering and his research has demonstrated the potential for a device to be implanted into the brain and interpret signals without the need for open brain surgery. Essentially – a digital spinal cord that streams your thoughts.

Why he’s great: He’s an incredible innovator and provides great insights into the future of mind control.


Holly Ransom

Her story: No doubt you’ve heard of Emergent CEO Holly Ransom and at least some of her incredible achievements at just 28 years old. She’s known for generating innovative solutions to complex problems for businesses, governments and non-profit organisations all around the globe.

Why she’s great: It’s no wonder she’s one of Sir Richard Branson’s six dream dinner guests. Holly shows that age is no barrier. She’s down-to-earth, relatable and represents the millennial generation with her commentary on intergenerational economic and social challenges.


Anders Sorman-Nilsson

His story: Anders is an Australian-Swedish reformed lawyer and founder of Thinque – a Sydney and Stockholm based research company. As a futurist and innovation strategist he has helped executives and leaders around the world prepare strategies for foreseeable and unpredictable futures.

Why he’s great: Through the art of storytelling, Anders provides direction for businesses, teams and leaders looking to harness disruption, embrace change and raise performance.


We’re currently putting together Part III of this series – with a twist. We’d like to know who the best speakers are to work with. From your perspective. So we need your help!

Who have you engaged with at your events who was not only great for the audience, but a breeze to work with during the process? Let us know your suggestions here.


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