Spotlight on EISSI Awards 2018

30 October 2018 | Events Technology Tips

PART II: Event day

In June we brought you a case study of the EISSI Awards 2018 – looking at how a holistic approach to content creation will increase engagement and help you communicate better with your audience (you can check it out here).

We’ve recently wrapped up the event so read on for part two of the case study, exploring the outcome of the day.


The Institution of Surveyors NSW & The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW


2018 NSW Excellence in Surveying & Spatial Information Awards (EISSI Awards)


Managing the technical production as well as content creation for this event meant our AV and media teams could collaborate together with our client on an inspiring design to influence all the various elements.

Our media team created designs which invigorated the event brand, and the content was both informed and fit for purpose.

As for the tech… it was a showstopper. Here are some of the highlights.

Portrait screens

For something different, we designed the visual content in portrait mode. Projecting onto three portrait screens created a sexy backdrop for the awards ceremony and was an unexpected visual feature for attendees.

Going portrait also gave us more real estate to work with, allowing full portrait IMAG and lending itself to the content design.

Looking for a wow-factor at your next event? Try portrait.

Colour-matched LED tubes

Wireless LED lights come in many forms and they’re always a winning element at any event – no matter the size.

We used a range of tubes and uplights to complement the LED backdrop as well as to create an entrance feature that lead attendees to a media wall. All of them were specially matched to the event’s colours, reinforcing the event brand.

Multi-layered content

Having awesome content is only awesome when it’s displayed and switched over seamlessly.

We created content that was multi-layered, so background visuals could loop continuously whilst in the foreground we could switch between text, logos, camera feeds and video content.

Keep it professional by executing the small details well.


Shout out to the production and media teams who upped the ante with this year’s event.

And most of all, shout out to our amazing client – we adore producing magic with you!

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