3 reasons to hold your event at the MCA during Vivid

26 April 2019 | Events Tips

MCA ARTBAR on Vivid Sydney opening night on May 27, 2016 in Sydney Australia. Photo by Anna Kucera
© Anna Kucera

Looking for a last minute venue? Or want to incorporate Vivid into your event experience but not sure how?

Why not host a private function at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in the Quayside Room or Sculpture Terrace and delight your guests with a priceless Vivid experience.

Here are just three reasons why that’s a fab idea…

MCA Vivid 2017 Photo by Tim Levy
© Tim Levy
1. The sweeping views

From the vantage point of the MCA’s modern venue spaces, your guests will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views across Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the city skyline.

During Vivid, the entire harbour is lit up with a spectacular show of lights and projections. Make the most of the colourful backdrop and use it to entice your guests to attend.

MCA Vivid ARTBAR Photo by Leticia Almeida
© Leticia Almeida
2. Learn something new  

Vivid is a festival of lights, music and ideas. The incredible art, technology and musical experiences are sure to inspire everyone who visits.

If your business is one which encourages innovation, thought-leadership and new thinking, Vivid Ideas Exchange is for you.

Host your team or clients at one of the many interesting talks and foster some curious brainwaves.

3. Special offer

To make the experience even sweeter, the MCA Venues team is exclusively offering our readers 10% off the MCA Store Vouchers for all attendees at your next event*.

Contact the MCA Venues team on 02 9245 2480 or venues@mca.com.au to enquire now.

Vivid Sydney runs from 24 May to 15 June 2019.

*Applicable to events booked and carried out during Vivid Sydney 24/05/2019 – 15/06/2019. One voucher per guest. Book via venues@mca.com.au

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