Best apps to get you through the workday

21 May 2019 | Technology Tips

Best event apps for event organisers

From productivity boosters to practical tools to sanity keepers, here are the apps our AV1ders use the most in their line of work.


An intuitive, visual tool to help you organise your work and life, you’ll find Trello on most of our home screens.

Tackle to-do lists, stay in the know and collaborate on projects with your team – we can’t recommend Trello enough.


With AV1ders regularly travelling around the globe on events, they keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family on Whatsapp.

It’s easy to use and free – what’s not to love.


You’ve probably seen our AV1derlists – themed music playlists put together by AV1ders on Spotify.

Not only do our office-dwellers listen to these on the daily, but our operators are also usually on Spotify for background music or walk-up stings at your events. It’s a fab tool.


Coffee is life. Good coffee is heaven. The AV1ders, like many of you, are often working at all hours. Beanhunter helps you easily find the best coffee (based on user reviews) at your location.

It’s a great app to use especially when you’re interstate in a new area and aren’t sure where to go for your fix.


Forgot to bring your tape measure or laser pointer to a site visit? There’s an app for that!

AirMeasure uses AR technology to measure point-to-point distances or surface areas. It can also help you get a floor plan of a room through the camera view, which you can then add furniture or other items to.

Results might not be 100% accurate but it’s certainly useful if you’re on the fly.


When you’ve just clocked off after a big event, sometimes it can take a while to wind down and relax.

Lake is a cute colouring-in app that promotes mindfulness and creativity. It’s great for getting rid of the buzz in your head after an event or even for passing the time on a flight.

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