Journey of a festival theme…

23 May 2019 | Events Technology Tips

AV1 Long Summer Lunch 2019

When you choose to have a theme for your event, it’s really up to you how far you want to take it.

Whether you want to go bold or subtle with it, the theme should work its way into every element.

From the invitation graphics, colour scheme, food and furniture choices through to the technology, content and post-production – it’s all in the details.

For our festival-inspired Long Summer Lunch earlier this year, we tied all theming elements together with a magnificent feature artwork – digitally hand-drawn by our Art Director Josh Goding.

An elegant landscape of swaying palm trees, party-goers and a softly rotating Ferris wheel was projected straight onto the wall of the venue – transporting attendees to a joyous, sun-filled setting.

AV1 Long Summer Lunch 2019 Bar in Festival Theme
AV1 Long Summer Lunch 2019 Festival Theme

The pink hues and gold tones from the artwork were brought to life with florals and table settings.

And the bar was wrapped in a decal print of the festival scene.  

To see what went into creating the artwork – check out this timelapse of Josh at work.

Original designs, motion graphics, content projection and print materials are all part of what we offer here at AV1.

Get in touch with our media team now to take your next event theme up a notch.

Keen to see more of the action on the day? Check out our highlights video here.

Event design, concept & production: AV1
Content, artwork & video: AV1
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Catering: The Fresh Collective
Decor: Divine Events
Photography: Oneill Photographics

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