How to ‘Netflix’ your event

29 May 2019 | Events Tips

How to Netflix your event

Yes, we’ve turned Netflix into a verb. Not that we’re the first. But there’ll be no talk of Netflix and chill in this piece. Promise.

With the changing landscape of traditional broadcast television versus streaming, it’s hard to find anyone these days who isn’t obsessed with Netflix or one of its fellow on-demand entertainment providers.

One might draw a parallel with the ever-changing landscape of live events. Where what used to be a drawcard is now old news, where you’re competing with an attention-sucking device in the hands of every attendee, and where attendees are, according to every other LinkedIn article, ‘busier than ever’.

There’s a reason we all get sucked into binge-watching 78 episodes of Orange Is the New Black of a weekend. So what can we learn from its success?

Here we look at how you can channel the binge-worthy magic of Netflix into your events to capture your audience’s attention, maximise engagement and leave them wanting more.

Just one more episode
Consume, consume, consume

Everything about the platform is designed to entice you to watch more. Auto-play the next episode. Suggested shows based on what you like. Endless lists of genres that take you down a rabbit-hole of indecision.

When it comes to events – listen to what your attendees like.

Attending your event should not only be enticing, but super easy too.

Perhaps your audience likes to consume content in different ways. Via video. Live streaming. One-on-one with experts.

Perhaps they like to choose their own program, rather than be offered just one stream.

Provide them with regular touchpoints to be front of mind and offer them easy ways to engage with your brand.

Get them talking

A good show will get people chatting in the lunch room and get trending on Twitter.

Your event can do the same. Be clever with your social strategy, provide interesting talking points, and most of all – be memorable.

An innovative activation, insta-worthy experience or emotive speaker could do the trick.

Leave them wanting more

Shows on Netflix always end on a cliffhanger. It’s 3am but you just have to see whether Julia Montague really died just then or whether Princess Margaret gets to marry Peter Townsend after all.

Same goes for events. End on a high note. Give attendees something to think about and make them want to come back next time. If their last takeaway is something worth remembering, you’ve got a winner.

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