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01 July 2019 | Technology

Joi event project management

“Enough with the dinosaur tools,” says Rob Vass, co-founder of Joi – a hot new event project management (EPM) tool for event planners.

We first tried out Joi when it was in Beta and we’ve gotta say, it’s impressive. 

Now, as Joi formally launches this month, we sit down with Rob to tell us more about the world’s first intuitive EPM SaaS product.

Rob Vass, Joi
Rob Vass, Joi Co-founder

Rob, what led you to Joi? 

RV: I’ve always loved events. But there’s just so much admin and re-keying boring details behind the scenes. 

Remember slide projectors? Tungsten bulbs and colour gels? Remember life before smartphones? Who would want to go back to those days? No one sane, right? From AV to event apps – tech innovation abounds in every aspect of the event industry… nearly. There’s one area that has been sadly neglected, and it’s a pretty vital area; event project management.

EPM is still ‘back in those days’. Keying information into spreadsheets and old school software like it’s 2003. 

The industry needed a better tool. So we created one. 

So how does Joi revolutionise EPM for event planners? 

RV: Joi is the world’s first intuitive EPM SaaS* product. It’ll allow you to cut more than 70% off your key-in time right from the start. Everyone on the team has instant access to the latest information, on any device.

It’s easy to use, affordable (starting at just $15 per month) and is designed to suit the full suite of events – from the small board meetings right through to the huge conferences. The one tool does it all.

What other cool features will event planners love? 

RV: Planners love that anyone can join the project team – obviously your colleagues but also your various suppliers too. They also love the calendar view of events and calendar view of tasks. 

And everyone loves that the on site schedule (aka run sheet) is synced to the program. Make a change to the program and you see it in the on site schedule straight away. No more scrambling around for the latest version! Everyone’s always on the same page.

What should our readers do to learn more about Joi? 

RV: First up they can check out the video below. Then contact me to arrange a demo. And finally give it a go with a 30 day free trial. Seeing it in action is the best way to understand its full potential. 

The cherry on top? We’ve also got a special launch price if you sign up within the first three months.

*For the uninitiated, SaaS is a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription, rather than bought and installed on individual computers.

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