AV1 releases SCRIBBLE live captioning to boost inclusivity

08 July 2019 | Community News Technology

SCRIBBLE live captioning for events

Today we launch SCRIBBLE; a real-time AI-powered live captioning technology to boost inclusivity at events.

Powered by Boxer Analytics, SCRIBBLE aims to change the world ‘one word at a time’ by providing accessible live captioning for every attendee in every conference room who experiences deafness, hearing difficulty or learning and comprehension challenges.

Did you know that around 20% of Australians have some form of learning challenge and for nearly 21% of Australians English is their second language? 

And whilst it’s rare to find a conference venue around Australia that isn’t fitted with wheelchair ramps and accessibility functions for attendees with physical disabilities, a huge portion of events still do not provide options for attendees with hearing or learning challenges.

SCRIBBLE live captioning Events Uncovered 2019

Keith Wootton said, “Until now, live captioning has only been delivered by people, not technology.

“By removing the resource constraints of this manual labour, cost and complexity, with SCRIBBLE we’re able to put this technology within reach for every attendee, every presenter, and every event.”

The SCRIBBLE technology was first developed in partnership with a national education department to assist children in schools with deafness or partial hearing loss.

After its early success in the education space, its developers realised those same children with hearing and learning difficulties at school grew up to face the same challenges in tertiary education, then at work when attending conferences and events.

SCRIBBLE live captioning

Now, backed by AV1’s expert technical production team, SCRIBBLE’s AI-powered captioning will allow mainstream adoption so Australian events can move towards a standardised inclusive environment.

Early adopters of SCRIBBLE will be able to relish the opportunity of embracing social responsibility and leadership.

Join us. Together we can foster innovation, inclusion and change in the industry.

Enquire now.

AV1 is a Certified B Corporation. The launch of SCRIBBLE comes during B Corp Month in July 2019 –  a month dedicated to raising awareness of B Corporations.

B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest third-party verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Learn more.

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