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02 September 2019 | Community Events News Technology Tips

This September, as we kick off our 15th birthday year, we put together a special gift just for you. Because who doesn’t love ideas and inspo for events?

So take your pick of ideas from these top 15 posts.

#1 | Best speakers on the circuit

Ever wondered who the smartest person in the room is? Guarantee it’s your AV operator.

They’re some of the most informed people around, because they get to go to every conference and listen to every presentation.

We’re forever being asked for recommendations of great speakers. So here they are.

#2 | 9 podcasts for event planners (that aren’t about event planning at all)

These aren’t your typical event planning podcasts. In fact, these podcasts don’t have much to do with event planning at all.

We believe there’s often more to gain from areas outside your realm of normal.

So save these to your phone for the commute home, listen away, and then tell us your favourite titbits.

#3 | 10 takeaways from TEDxSydney

Here are 10 cool things we saw at TEDxSydney that’ll inspire your next event.

#4 | Your guide to surviving a roadshow

Roadshows. They’re tough. All the travelling can really wear you down. But with a few handy hacks from our resident roadshow king Nigel, you’ll be skipping all the way to the airport.

#5 | How to ‘Netflix’ your event

There’s a reason we all get sucked into binge-watching 78 episodes of Orange Is the New Black of a weekend. So what can we learn from its success?

Here we look at how you can channel the binge-worthy magic of Netflix into your events to capture your audience’s attention, maximise engagement and leave them wanting more.

#6 | 5 tips for a smooth AV set up

The last hour before doors is often super stressful for event organisers. But it doesn’t have to be. 

With some important steps in place prior to event day, you can expect a smooth set up and successful event every time.

Here are five things you should prioritise in your planning process to ensure everything runs smoothly right up until the moment your first guest walks in.

#7 | Best post-event watering holes

We asked our AV1ders (who love to wind down with a bevvy after the end of a roadshow!) which local hot spots they frequent around the country.

#8 | Fireside with Tim on risk & safety

We caught up with AV1’s Workplace Health & Safety Manager Tim Cramsie for a quick fireside chat to hear his best advice on preventing, reducing and managing risks on your events.

#9 | 5 art precincts to inspire your events

Inspiration is everywhere. It pays to look for it in new places. But often you’ll find it when you’re not looking at all. 

Here are 5 places around the world you can be sure to find inspiration for the look, feel or purpose of your next event.

#10 | How break-in sessions are bringing event attendees closer

BREAKING NEWS. Have you heard of a “Break-In” session? No? Then read this.

#11 | Spotlight on Conference Vietnam

Vietnam is a great place for culture, natural landscapes and pho. It’s also great for national conferences.

Here’s what was involved when we jetted across to Saigon with one of our clients to produce an awe-inspiring and technically brilliant conference.

#12 | How AV1 managed sky-high expectations

We do a lot of extraordinary events. But sometimes we’re asked to produce events that are, simply put, awesome.

Like when we whisked an AV1der up into the skies in a hot air balloon for a product launch.

Here are the lengths we took to ensure the safety of staff and equipment.

#13 | 5 ways to make your event more green

We all know live events tend to be wasteful by nature. But there are things you can do to improve the sustainability of your events and reduce the negative impact on the world around you.

The first step is simply being more aware.

Here we’ve put together a practical list of 5 things you can do to make your event more green.

#14 | What’s your event spirit animal?

Are you cool, calm and collected when it comes to planning events? Or are you a frenzied mess throughout the whole process. At least until you’ve been handed a glass of bubbles that is.

Read on to discover your event spirit animal.

#15 | Top catering trends for 2018

This one’s for the foodies.

Like AV, without great catering your event will fall flat. Your guests are increasingly more exposed to international dining trends, fads and new culinary concepts via the media, Instagram and food blogs. So they’re far better informed and food-savvy and you need to keep up.

But don’t fear. We got the scoop on the top catering trends from Geoff Haviland, Culinary Director at Fresh Catering. Incorporate some of these into your events and we promise your guests won’t leave disappointed.

Which post is your favourite? What to see more of something? Let us know here.

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