‘Av you heard about Braindate?

23 September 2019 | Events Technology Tips

Braindate e180
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Whilst attending renowned global conference C2 Montreal earlier this year, we were reminded of a brilliant event concept: Braindate.

If you haven’t heard of it before, take note. You’ll be wanting to try it out at your next conference for sure. 

What is it?

Braindate was invented by e180 – a fellow B Corp whose mission is to help create a world where people can propel each other’s greatness simply by sharing experience and knowledge with each other.

The Braindate platform helps like-minded people connect on the sidelines of conferences and have meaningful conversations with topics they share an interest in. 

First launched at C2 Montreal in 2013, the app has since been downloaded 400,000 times and used at more than 140 events worldwide.

How does it work?

Prior to a conference, attendees post a topic of interest to them in the app, then others choose which conversations to join. They then meet up at the conference to discuss. 

Essentially, attendees BYO content for an extraordinarily personalised event experience. 

Traditional networking can often be daunting for some conference-goers. Yet it’s still the main reason people attend live events – to network.

The idea of Braindate is to help facilitate relevant conversations with the right people. 

It also guarantees your attendees – each with unique interests, experiences and stories – walk away with new learnings and stronger connections, even if the main-line content didn’t resonate with them. 

And the great news? Braindate can seamlessly integrate with any event app, web portal, or registration platform, including Sprintr by AV1

For more information, visit the e180 website.

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