Since 2004, we’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country taking care of our clients and their events.

Our business philosophy is based on quality products, outstanding service, and constant innovation.

We are curators of premium event experiences, helping clients leave a lasting impression on their attendees, audience and stakeholders – whether that’s in a live, hybrid or virtual environment.

Inside the doors of AV1 there is a bunch of guys and girls bounding from idea to idea. Solving problems. Creating exciting new solutions. And discovering awesome opportunities along the way.

Everything we do is for our clients. It’s an obsession (a healthy one). And it defines every decision, action, and path we take.

It’s our energy and zest for innovation, combined with our commitment to deliver excellence, that sees us consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We may be techheads,
but we're also human, like you.

The BRAIN of AV1

is packed full with decades of experience and our collective skills and knowledge. It's the engine that generates endless ideas, innovative products and gives us our deep understanding of our clients, their brands and their objectives.

The HEART of AV1

pumps passion and energy throughout us all. It upholds our values. It gives us life and purpose. And it cultivates our culture. We love what we do and who we do it for.

The SOUL of AV1

is what makes us, well, us. It's the essence of who we are and what we stand for. It's our spirit, our vibe, our uniqueness, our legacy. You can't see it, but you can definitely feel it. It lives in all of us.

The AV1 team

Recognised as best
in class by our peers

Did you know we’re a Certified B Corp?
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