At AV1 we’re passionate about our craft. We design and produce events and experiences, offering services across production management, audiovisual, digital media and event technology. Behind the work we produce, we’re a team of authentic people motivated by a shared set of values. We’re purpose-driven. We’re progressive. And we care. We’re also a Certified B Corporation. In fact, we’re the only one of our kind. You can read our B Corp story here.


It’s not just our people, our skills and our gear that make AV1 the company it is. It’s you – our clients – who make us great. You choose us because you’re like-minded, service-driven professionals who love what you do. We’re here to make your life easier and deliver far more than what you’ve come to expect from an AV company. And we’re confident that you will vouch for that.


We are a team of people who love what we do. Get to know your AV1ders…

Keith Wootton

Managing Director

Alyce Kelly

Crew Manager

Andrew Troedson

Production Manager

Brooke Perry

Crew Coordinator

Chris Schlueter

Chief Technology Officer

David Canato

Production Manager

Dylan Batterham

Production Manager

Giovanni Fabrizi

Audiovisual Operator

Jakob Tate

Sales Manager

Janet Kalotheos

Financial Administrator

Jayke Komadina

Venue Operations Coordinator

Joel Burrell

Equipment Coordinator

Josh Goding

Art Director

Kealan Coleman


Keith Findlay

Regional Director

Laura Clark

Media Producer

Lee Bowman

Production Manager

Luke Fosbury


Mollie Phipps

Director of Strategy & Marketing

Nathan Murray

Director of Operations & Sustainability

Neville Lamb

Warehouse Manager

Nigel Mintern

Production Manager

Richard Browning

Production Manager

Steve Brlekovic

Technical Director

Theo Papatheodorou

Warehouse Coordinator

Tim Cramsie

Workplace Health & Safety Manager

Tim Lynden

Production Manager

Todd Vogel

Financial Controller