Panel speakers at Purpose 2018. Photo: Purpose

So Purpose 2018 just wrapped up. And gee was it a fulfilling two days!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Purpose is the annual celebration of the Purpose-driven business community which aims to build, grow and accelerate purpose-driven business in Australia.

It’s a place where inspiration is on tap, new ideas are hatched and individuals come together to learn and explore different perspectives – all staged in beautiful surrounds.

This year it took place at COMMUNE and the intensive program was an absolute winner. So if you couldn’t make it, we’ve pulled together five key discussions for you to consider.

1. Where technology is going and how we ensure it stays human

Speakers included: Dr Matthew Beard & Rachel Botsman

A relevant and thought-provoking topic explored throughout the conference was the ethical responsibilities around consumer technology and artificial intelligence changing what it means to be human.

Changes and advancements in technology are having a big effect on how we interact with one another, and how businesses do business. With concerns arising around privacy, trust and addiction, we learned that the future of ethical technology practices centres around those which amplify, rather than reduce humanness.

Volunteers at Purpose 2018. Photo: Purpose

2. We’ve a long way to go for gender diversity

Speakers included: Ally Watson, Leah Willis & Jane Needham SC

We’re all aware that women’s representation and decision making power is not where it should be in business. The pay gap persists, and the Super Gap means that women are retiring with 47% of the super of men.

In many industries, including technology, there’s an out-of-date belief that women aren’t wired for that type of work. It’s a nature vs. nurture assumption. But as the saying goes, ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’. And young girls need role models who challenge the idea that it’s just the way it is.

As women working in these fields, we need to inspire and lead the next generation to fulfil their potential and to pursue careers in these fields. We need to support and encourage one another to thrive.

3. The place for mental health in the future of work

Speakers included: Jaelea Skehan, Kate Connors, Dr Samuel Harvey & Sebastian Robertson

Mental health and wellbeing at work is a serious concern for many corporate businesses. Employers that provide staff with meaning in their jobs will continue to come out ahead.

For businesses, it’s important to implement policies and practices around your wellbeing initiatives to ensure they stick around and aren’t overlooked.

And for you as an individual, here’s something to help improve your personal wellbeing. Know what that one thing is that gets you through the week. And don’t skip it. Whether it’s a family dinner, a gym class, brunch with friends… prioritise it and put yourself first, if only for that moment.

4. The War on Waste isn’t over

Speaker: Andy Marks

Heard of the ABC’s popular War on Waste series? We heard from Impact Producer Andy Marks who spoke about the communications strategies in place behind the scenes. The takeaway here was to make your message digestible, be creative and be relevant in order to cut through the noise and meet modern attention spans.

Dr Fiona Kerr. Photo: Purpose

5. Closing thought

Speaker: Dr Fiona Kerr

“Do you want a robot to hold your hand when you die?”

This was the question neuroscientist Dr Fiona Kerr posed to the audience to close the conference. We’ll just leave this one here for you to ponder.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team at Wildwon for their dedication to the Purpose community and providing a forum for businesses to come together to discuss the challenging issues impacting the world around us. The Purpose experience is like no other.

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