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#inspiringideas is an all-new monthly series running across AV1’s social media channels, our newsletter and blog to bring you innovative ideas on a regular basis. This month’s theme is Larger than Life Displays. Yes, we’re talking about BIG screens. 

Do you want to break the mould? You’re ready to leave the standard 16:9 projector screens behind in favour of something a little more… Impressive? Memorable? Immersive? More than just a statement piece at your events, displays like those featured in this series serve an important purpose to engage, show innovation and create impact. 

We’ve curated our favourite imagery from past AV1 productions and great concepts sourced from leading art galleries and designers around the world to bring you the best ideas to inspire your next event.

We’ll be sharing inspiring images regularly on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages and wrapping it all up into a neat bow on our blog for you to refer back to, so make sure to follow up and come back on a regular basis for more ideas. 

This month’s concepts include two AV1 productions; the first, a series of combined LCD screens for an international Women’s Day event we produced in 2019; and the second a truly larger than life LED display imagined and executed by Producer Luke Fosbury in Shanghai. 

Our external inspiration comes from two artists, pushing the boundaries in their fields. American Artist Doug Aitken uses immersive, large-scale projection screens to showcase his installations. Multimedia artist Eduardo Coimbra takes us on a walk through the clouds in his Nuvem (Cloud) installation which uses iron, translucent canvas printing, fluorescent lamps, and mirrors, spread across five light boxes.

Stay tuned for more #inspiringideas. 

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