Let’s face it. Communicating your marketing messages effectively can be difficult. Being seen by the right people at the right time is hugely important – and it’s a big challenge.

If you can achieve that, well done! But then it’s crucial that what they’re seeing is the best quality.

Video is an excellent tool to engage and inform your viewers. It’s one of the most successful formats to communicate in a crowded digital world.

There are many ways to present video content (vox pops, interviews, event highlights and so on) and each has its merits.

One of our favourite types is an animated video using motion graphics.

Animated videos are fun to watch and often emotive, leaving viewers in a feel-good mood.

They’re great if your video needs to explain something a little complex, such as staff training or company updates (internal) or a new product or marketing campaign (external). Viewers usually prefer to watch images move across their screen than just watch someone speaking to the camera.

You can also successfully use animated videos for short and snappy social media clips.

This video was recently created by one of our talented Motion Graphics guru, Rebecca.

It was produced for Horticulture Innovation Australia to promote the sharing and collaboration of ideas by its viewers.

After first scripting and storyboarding, Rebecca and the team were thorough and concise in creating a cast of characters and environment from what was originally just words on a page.

This is just one example of how you can ensure your message doesn’t just reach your audience, but it stays with them by using the power of motion graphics.

Learn more about our media offering here.

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