Partnering with the brilliant team from Not So Normal Productions on creative design and production for this event, the brief was:

  • Create a basketball-inspired set for an interactive live event and performance to take place
  • Ensure the platform stage is suitable for interactive experiences including a rap battle, free-throw shootout, interview with Dame D.O.L.L.A. and closing performance
  • Ensure exceptional sound quality for the outdoor location, with coverage across the World Square precinct
  • Ensure minimal impact on trading businesses
  • Record the action and allow for instant turnaround on content
  • Create a vibrant atmosphere with lighting, yet keep it suitable for a more gritty, urban vibe


Concept creation & experience design

Collaborating with Not So Normal Productions, AV1’s production and creative media teams brainstormed concepts and developed a final design for this event that would not only meet the brief, but blow away the client, VIPs and the audience.

Spot the difference! Below is a concept drawing we created to showcase how we envisioned the event would look, and to its right is a photo of the actual event from a similar angle.

Stage, set & environment

We custom built a stage designed as a basketball court complete with a full height basketball ring and backboard and made to NBA specifications.

The stage was detailed with painted UV markings, LED perimeter lighting for effect (and safety) as well as custom decals and branding for the stage and DJ surround.

We erected an impressive LED screen as a digital backdrop to the stage which displayed custom content throughout.

Overall, the set design generated a vibrant, street-style environment that reflected the cutting-edge Adidas brand.

Along with quality audio management, it provided the ideal atmosphere for a combination of contrasting elements – from booming performances and rap battles to more intimate Q&A sessions with the emcee.

Custom content & video record

For an activation of this scale, with so many visual elements, the content was crucial.

Our media team created custom motion graphics, videos and colourful visuals to complement the set as well as all the action taking place. This amplified the impact to the audience, passers-by and in event recordings.

To capture the action for those there on the day and for post-event highlights, we implemented a four-camera IMAG set up, including a roaming camera to get up close and personal with performers on stage.

We mounted an additional two remote cameras on the basketball backboard for unique close-up shots of the action.

And to accentuate the urban feel, we overlaid gritty visual effects onto the camera feed.

Finally, for maximum impact, we took control of World Square’s staircase lighting and with pixel mapping, ran text and logo graphics through the lighting fixtures.

Comms & stage management

With lots of moving parts needing coordination, we provided stage management services to assist the client in managing the VIPs and synchronising all the different elements.

With this in mind, communication was critical. We provided a sophisticated comms system to suit.

This meant that lead act Damian Lillard’s movements from his suite to the stage, as well as his grand entrance into the precinct, were seamless.

Badge printing

Sprintr by AV1 pre-printed custom passes for staff and VIPs for easy identification and security management of people, and to create a ‘tribe’ feeling amongst important guests.

Challenges & safety

Every event, especially those in a public space, bring unique challenges.

World Square on a Friday evening is an extremely busy public space. Businesses were still operating throughout the event, so we had to factor in not just the movements of event staff and guests, but those just going about their usual day as well.

Being outdoors also brings challenges. For example, the wind was a factor for consideration for the large LED screen.

This is where safety measures, risk management and detailed planning come into play.

Under the guidance of AV1’s Workplace Health & Safety Manager, we managed all potential hazards. We completed thorough risk assessments and SWMS documentation, inductions at the venue, and comprehensive toolbox talks for all crew.

We commissioned engineers reports for the LED screen and rigging. The LED screen had to be able to cope with a Category 2 Cyclone wind rating!

We held lengthy conversations with the venue about egresses and public safety concerns – since the space was used by the public throughout the whole set up, event operation and pack down.

To minimise the impact on the public and trading businesses, the entire gig from set to pack was completed within 23 hours.

The tech

Some of the tech we utilised to make an impact and nail the brief included:

  • 4mm 6m x 3.5m outdoor LED screen
  • 4k Blackmagic cameras & switchers
  • Blackmagic Micro Studio cameras (on the basketball hoop) and roaming Steadycam
  • Submix for World Square’s own LED screen (for people who couldn’t see what was happening on the main screen)
  • Custom finished stage with a special non-slip surface for safety and compliance
  • Client
    Not So Normal Productions
  • Event
    adidas X Dame D.O.L.L.A. Promotional Event
  • Date
    13 September 2019
  • Venue
    World Square Sydney

Watch the highlights video


A big thanks to our suppliers who helped make this happen:

Megadeck Staging Systems (custom stage build)
Creative Lighting & Audio (lighting)
Coleman Group (print graphics)
DreamCourts (basketball ring & backboard)
Sprintr by AV1 (VIP badges)

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