As you may have guessed, the HR and L&D Tech Fests are usually delivered live. But this year looked a little different.

This year’s brief? Deliver a fully virtual event and exhibition for 1,500 online attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Provide a solution that showcases an international lineup of more than 40 speakers, allows for engagement and lead generation with 15+ exhibitors and encourages networking amongst attendees and event sponsors.


We utilised one of our partner platforms; ExpoPlatform to design a custom virtual experience that delivered results for our client, attendees and stakeholders.

Hosted on the Tech Fest event website, the virtual conference and expo allowed for sessions to run as they would at a physical event while also allowing exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their products and services on virtual booths (known as microsites).

With the platform’s direct messaging and in-built video conferencing features for online meetings, sponsors and attendees were able to easily connect with one other.

And with AI matchmaking, the platform helped filter through all attendees to provide stronger leads and meeting suggestions.

As well as this, exhibitors had access to an interactions page which captured all actions made by attendees associated with their profile. This allowed exhibitors to follow up with attendees who visited their booth, rather than waiting for an attendee to instigate a meeting.

Post-event, exhibitors were provided with an interactions export which details the profile views, product views and favouriting.

From a technical point of view, the virtual event involved:

  • Back-to-back sessions that were both pre-recorded videos (broadcast live) and live sessions (with Q&A)
  • Breakout sessions and concurrent sessions
  • Exhibitor floor plan
  • Networking functionality: messages, meetings, matchmaking AI
  • On-demand sessions post-event
  • Live chat for direct customer service
  • Walkthrough documents for exhibitors to set up their profile
  • Walkthrough videos for attendees to navigate the platform
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • And a whole lot more.

The biggest challenge? Figuring out what to do on the day! Our tech team is so used to running around while the event takes place but with a virtual event and all the pre-planning, set up and configuration done in advance, to sit back and watch it all happen was a real treat.


Feedback from attendees showed they had a fantastic experience on the platform with the majority of ratings between 4/5 to 5/5.

Because the platform was a smooth ride, the feedback received from attendees focused on the content, such as their favourite sessions and speakers. Exactly the type of feedback our client relishes.

  • Client
    Hannover Fairs Australia
  • Event
    HR + L&D Tech Fest
  • Date
    7-8 July 2020
  • Venue

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