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AV1’s client Directions Conferences and Incentives Management (DCIM) approached us with a brief for their client, intelliflo, aspiring to an event that is “exceptional with unexpected elements that really WOW the crowd, so that they enjoy and remember the experience, and talk about it for a long time afterwards!”

intelliflo wanted to show that it was “different and innovative” and use a venue that countered the perception of financial services as “stuffy”. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) was chosen as the venue.

intelliflo LIVE was the company’s debut event in Australia, launching its product to an exclusive group of potential clients. Innovation and the wow factor were hugely important to establishing its presence and reputation in the local market.

Keep scrolling for photographs, a video showing the creative development of the production and an explainer of AV1’s production solution, which was shortlisted for an Australian Event Award for ‘Best Technical Production or Innovation’.

  • Client
    Direction Conference & Incentive Management
  • Event
    intelliflo LIVE
  • Date
    9 March 2023
  • Venue
    Museum of Contemporary Art Australia


With intelliflo onboard as a client looking for serious wow factor, AV1’s Producer Luke Fosbury created a set piece within the the MCA that appeared to be three large boxes or blocks, adhering to the golden ratio, angled and set slightly apart, with negative space between them, which could display conference content and stunning visual animations. In reality, the boxes were two sided structures made from panels of LED screens. Luke call this invention, MONOLITH.

Through careful design and the right equipment, coupled with consideration of the entire seating plan for the event, the audience perceived these blocks as a 3D optical illusion of four sided structures.

All three blocks could be used for a single animation, while the central block was used for picture-in-picture PowerPoint presentations. The two side blocks balanced the middle block, which was also on the smallest angle so it could be seen by all.

To work in a business events setting, the LED had to have a high enough resolution to show readable content – presentation slides, including text and graphs, so pixel pitch was set low at 3.75mm (a low pitch LED shows greater detail, while a high pitch is generally used when high detail is not as important, e.g. concerts).

Sight lines for the audience, despite the multiple angles of the blocks, needed to be sufficient for every attendee to see the presentation content clearly. Luke carefully tested the maximum angle he could seat the audience in reference to the blocks without compromising their perception of the content and visuals, and found seating could be angled up to 155 degrees, up from the manufacturer’s recommended 140 degrees.

Scale was also important to providing the wow factor for attendees, so the blocks were 4.8m high. One of the flanking blocks had two 2.4m wide sides, the other had sides measuring 2.4m and 1.2m, while the central block had one 4.8m wide side and another at 1.2m wide.

Keep scrolling to watch the video and hear from our client and event attendees.

The concept leant into intelliflo’s business as a technology platform. It was unique, it was innovative.

It was something I’d never seen before. It was a highlight of the event. I watched people come into the event and just stop and stare at MONOLITH.

It was just so state-of-the-art.

Greer Cash



AV1’s installation, which reflected the artistic setting of the MCA, and was an art piece in and of itself, fulfilled the brief and was an innovation, reflecting the culture of intelliflo.

According to Greer Cash, Events Manager at DCIM, who managed the event for intelliflo:

“At first, it was quite difficult to understand the concept of MONOLITH because we’d never heard of anything like this before, but Luke worked with others in the AV1 team to provide a video render to showcase what it would look like and what it could do.

The concept leant into intelliflo’s business as a technology platform. It was unique, it was innovative. It was something I’d never seen before. It was a highlight of the event. I watched people come into the event and just stop and stare at MONOTLITH. It was just so state-of-the-art. Before the event had even started, it was making a positive impression,”

Internal and customer feedback from intelliflo on the event which also included networking and a dinner:

“It was a fantastic event, looked great and really promoted the intelliflo message.”

“The AV was great. The screens and background music was top notch.”

“The entire event was fancy and spectacular which really set us apart from the rest of the industry.”

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