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Day of good vibrations

What was the event?

In essence, it is the last “Christmas Party” of the season, hosted annually the day before the January public holiday, and this year, it was all about ‘Good Vibrations’.

How many guests attended and where was it held?

100 guests attended the event in the Harbourside Room at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA).

  • Attendees
    AV1’s clients and supporters
  • Event
    AV1’s Long Summer Lunch 2024
    Theme: Good Vibrations
  • Date
    25 January 2024
  • Venue
    Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

What's Long Summer Lunch all about?

The event is owned, planned and hosted by AV1.

It’s a recognition and celebration of our customers and supporters. Each year, it aims to provide an exclusive, immersive and on-brand dining experience for our guests.

The event is managed by Andrew Crook, AV1’s marketing and communications manager. Production support was provided by AV1’s producers, Jayke Komadina and Luke Fosbury. All artwork was created in-house by AV1’s Art Director, Tom Ewart.

What was the planning process for the event?

Planning began in August 2023, and the process involved:

  • Setting an intention for the theme, which was “Music x Purpose”. We knew we wanted to create something that combined these elements but didn’t actually settle on the name “Good Vibrations” until two weeks before the event when it was time to announce it!
  • Bringing the concept through the full creative process – brainstorming and moodboarding, followed by loose concepts, a colour palette and ideas, then refining them into actionable ideas.
  • Once we bedded down our ideas, it was all about planning to execute them: designing the room through the floor plan, in collaboration with MCA; designing the LED screen as we wanted it to look; creating motion graphics; planning the photobooth experience; choosing the menu and sourcing entertainment. All while considering the guest experience and alignment with the theme.

How was the “Good Vibrations” theme brought to life?

Each year, Long Summer Lunch carries a contemporary theme. “Good Vibrations” was inspired by a love of live music and AV1’s purpose-driven business values.

This theme was brought to life through the event’s elements:

  • All event communications, such as invitations and event reminders, were written as songs.
  • The energy-efficient LED screens set along the wall were shaped like an equaliser, with slow-moving abstract, musically inspired graphics running throughout the day.
  • AV1’s Technical Direcor at MCA, Boo-Jay Salakas, custom-built a “cymbalier” – a spinning chandelier made from drum cymbals that hung in the centre of the room.
  • The photo booth on the terrace was called “Band Together”, and gave attendees the opportunity to “form their own band” onstage, with musical instruments as props, run by AV1 Content.
  • We gathered attendees’ favourite songs in the registration form, with a selection of them played by the band.
  • 10 members of the Sydney Street Choir (pictured, below) performed three songs for guests, receiving a standing ovation. We wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness for this fabulous bunch of people.
  • Instead of printing placecards, we sourced durable paper fans and personalised them with each guest’s name to take away. Instead of printing menus, we showed the menu on the LED screen at the start of each course.

What was on the menu?

Arrival canapes were served on music-themed lining paper: roasted wild mushroom tarts; tofu pancakes with kimchi puree and peanut caramel; fried beetroot and ricotta ravioli; and miso-spiced eggplant spring rolls.

Shared entrees featured spinach and ricotta gnocchi, and chargrilled asparagus with marinated feta. Shared mains included baked Tasmanian salmon fillet, and roasted free-range chicken, with shared sides of roasted cauliflower, kipfler potatoes and roasted carrots.

Dessert canapes featured a musical twist garnish. These were vegan chocolate brownies with freeze-dried raspberries; passionfruit chocolate ganache tarts; coconut, pineapple and lime macarons; and burnt basque cheesecake with dulce de lece.

Who were the event’s suppliers?

What were the highlights of the event?

The performance by Sydney Street Choir was exceptionally touching and received a standing ovation. Also, the “cymbalier” was a hit with guests, some calling it “mesmerising”.

What was the feedback from guests?

Here are some testimonials from our guests:

  • “The music concept was a great addition and the Street Choir blew me away – I am putting it forward for an event idea.” – Fran.
  • “We loved being there. Great location, good food and awesome company. It was really enjoyable and we appreciated the opportunity to spend the afternoon with the team.” – Catherine.
  • “It was a lot of fun and so well put together. I loved the choir being included, too. Everyone comes ready to have a good time; not many corporates can capture this vibe. You guys have really created something special.” – Bec.
  • “It was a spectacular showcase of the team’s talent – my favourite event of the year.” – Charlotte.

It was a spectacular showcase of the team’s talent – my favourite event of the year.

Charlotte Marshall, Spice Magazine
feedback from guests
feedback from guests
feedback from guests
feedback from guests
feedback from guests
feedback from guests
feedback from guests

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