Since the pandemic struck, AV1 and The Eventful Group have been working together to take the company’s highly interactive events online, delivering three so far.

These events are based around creating communities, so it was vitally important that they didn’t just take their one hour keynote and their 40 minute breakouts and just recreate them online.

For The Eventful Group, they wanted to do better and achieve more, so they turned to AV1 to help.


The secret to the success of this event was interactivity. The series of virtual events are 50 per cent interactive in the way they’ve been designed. 

Throughout the planning stages, The Eventful Group has been extremely mindful of the psychology of how people consume information in a digital format. So that means shorter, sharper content that’s more interesting, dynamic and conversational. 

According to our client Lisa Irving, “You’ve got to keep them moving, you’ve got to keep them being involved and doing something.”

Our colleagues at Sprintr by AV1 built the event on EventsAIR OnAIR, one of our preferred virtual event platforms thanks to its ability to be customised as well as its interactive features.

Mainstream was the culmination of lessons learned on all sides from the first two events. It was also the biggest Mainstream on record, attended by 620 people.

“And the content was the best content of any event we’ve ever created,” says Lisa.

“We’ll never have content like that again in person because it’s a COVID creation, you can go anywhere in the world, so the quality was very easy to sell mixed with the sentiment of some very loving customers.”

Lisa also says the virtual environment gives them access to international speakers at a much lower cost than for live events. 

  • Client
    The Eventful Group
  • Event
    Mainstream Conference
  • Date
    12-14 May 2021
  • Venue
Mainstream Roll Wide 4 copy
Mainstream Roll Wide 3 copy
Mainstrem Roll Wide 1
Mainstream Roll Wide 2

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