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AV1 provided creative development, technical delivery and event production to Bursty Group for PUMA’s historic activation to coincide with the excitement and attention surrounding the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Sydney.

PUMA presented an epic rematch between the first Australian and New Zealand women’s football teams, who faced off in the Asian Cup in 1975. A specially created field on Cockatoo Island in Sydney, designed by indigenous artist Brittany Paulson, hosted the unique match.

AV1 collaborated with creative agency Bursty by providing AV and technical support for the production of match day activities high-profile speaker presentations at an accompanying two-day immersive event; and created a remarkable ‘Legacy Tunnel’ and rockface projection to welcome the esteemed ‘OG’s (The Originals) who helped pave the way for women’s football in Oceania.

Keep scrolling for photographs and AV1’s execution on Cockatoo Island. All photo credits go to Hanna Lassen.

  • Client
  • Event
    Activation celebrating the Trailblazers Of Women’s Football in Oceania
  • Date
    21-23 July 2023
  • Venue
    Wareamah, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour


From the initial site inspection, AV1’s Event Team understood PUMA’s passion for creating both a memorable experience for the OGs, media and aspiring young footballers, and the sportswear company’s desire to capture branded iconic images to share globally to finally recognize and honour the trailblazers.

Alison Shier, Bursty’s Event Operations Manager recalls, “AV1 provided advice on what was achievable on the island in terms of AV in line with the power limitations available, scoped the equipment, and contributed creatively to the audio and lighting design used to transform the Legacy Tunnel, to the impressive rockface projection, outdoor media call, and to the atmosphere when the players took to the pitch in the re-match.”

Immediately on arrival, the OGs, guests and media were transported back to the players’ heyday as they journeyed through the Legacy Tunnel with 60 metres of colourful uplighting highlighting picture boards of the players participating in the event. The display was paired with a speaker system playing stadium cheers and whistles to give the effect of running onto the field. Emerging onto the incredible pitch, the participants were greeted by a beefed-up sound system and DJ Lavida pumping up the crowd of spectators. Pyro special effects, singers welcoming the teams, and the two national anthems followed. Luke Fosbury, AV1’s Event Producer was delighted, “It was such an electric environment for the players, their guests and the crowd. A very special moment.”

The young women spectators, representing the next generation of footballers from Australia and NZ, also participated in PUMA’s Accelerator Program, an immersive two-day event that included talks from current Australian of the Year Taryn Brumfitt, comedian and actor Celeste Barber, the inspiring Jazz Thornton, and sailor Jessica Watson. AV1 supported the high profile speakers with an array of technical requirements, testing and conducting sound checks in advance to deliver what the participants described as a life changing event.

To secure the iconic shots so vital for PUMA’s global campaign to acknowledge these women, AV1 also worked around the clock, enabling photographers to capture night shots of the spectacular puma cat lighting activation on the rockface, and were available 24/7 in response to client requests or early morning media calls.

Keep scrolling for feedback from client creative agency Bursty

AV1 played an important part in bringing this ambitious activation to life.

Resulting in the provision of an end product, which both we Bursty, the creative agency, and Puma, the client, were extremely happy with.

Carla Monforte


The Operations Perspective
Event Operations Manager – Bursty Alison Shier
“AV1’s flexibility was integral to the success of the activation. This project was a moving feast. Taking place on an island, all equipment needed to arrive by barge, and staff by water taxi or ferry, and AV1 managed all the logistics seamlessly. They understood that it wasn’t just a lock and load scenario and were flexible throughout, not phased even when we brought the football game forward a day due to the weather. A company the size of AV1 has the resources and staff to be able to effortlessly manage such a complex activation. I have
subsequently used them for other events as a result.”

The Creative Agency’s Perspective
Account Director Bursty – Carla Monforte
“AV1 played an important part in bringing this ambitious activation to life. Resulting in the provision of an end product, which both we Bursty, the creative agency, and Puma, the client, were extremely happy with.”

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