Spotlight on Conference Vietnam

26 July 2018 | Events

Vietnam. It’s a great place for culture, natural landscapes and pho. It’s also great for national conferences.

Earlier this year we jetted across to Saigon with one of our clients to produce an awe-inspiring and technically brilliant conference.

Here’s what was involved.

Functional design

We were tasked with coming up with a design that made an impact, yet we needed the ability to split the Ballroom into two breakout sections.

It’s a challenge for many of our clients when they’re limited on space or budget, but need multiple venue areas to achieve their communications objectives. [See our article on break-in sessions.]

So our team created a 22m x 4m custom 3mm LED set, that when in Plenary mode, all looked as one set. But a third of it was in fact on a custom built stage on wheels, so that the screen could break into two sections when it came time to breakout.

Powerful content

With such a large, unique design for the main screen, it meant the on-screen content had to pack a punch. So our Media team got to work.

Taking inspiration from the local surroundings and the conference’s key messaging, they created a beautiful, detailed opening video to display across the wide screen.

They also created original powerful graphics to feature throughout the conference to engage attendees, drive home the key messages and improve content delivery.


As much as we all plan well in advance, crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s, as event producers we always remain flexible. We’re in the live events business after all!

A late, last minute challenge thrown our way was the need for the Gala Dinner to be moved to the same room as the conference. We had just three hours to completely turn the room around.

To create a uniquely different look and feel for delegates, we reduced the size of the LED screen, added a star cloth backdrop and placed Bamboo around the space. Not to mention an abundance of colourful lighting.

Team of champions

When working internationally – especially in non-English speaking countries – it’s very important to find event partners you can trust. Those you know will deliver to your standards. It’s the main reason our clients take us wherever they go.

When we conduct site visits, we have a stringent checking process that allows us to seek out and work with the best local suppliers. We don’t just meet their teams, but we go the extra step to visit their warehouses and check the quality of their equipment, systems and safety measures too.

If you’d like to enquire about our event design, production and content services, or even our team of champions, get in touch now.

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