Did you know the average time an event manager spends planning and executing one event is 1,600 hours? Not to mention the dollars that go into making your events perfect.

So it’d be crazy not to make the most of all this effort by recording your event.

But why do I need to record my event, you ask? Since we know you’ve got so many things to think about right now, we did the research for you.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you must hit record on your next event.

1. Engage delegates post-event

So you’ve spent all that time creating the perfect event, which was a big success. Why should the experience for your guests end there? Boost engagement after the event by using recordings from the day in your communication channels and let your guests relive the moments.

2. Promote your event with a highlight reel or promo video for your next event

It might be a year or more until the event rolls around again, so recording your event and using the footage in a highlight reel or promotional video is the perfect way to promote the next event. Remind returning guests of the great experience they had, or entice newcomers with a feel for what they can expect.

3. Increase revenue by selling recorded sessions

We all know that attending an event in person creates a far better experience than watching it online. But we also know that with busy schedules, there will always be some people that just can’t make it on the day. Rather than lose these guests altogether, record your event and offer it online for a fee. It’s a win-win.

4. Provide valuable exposure for sponsors

Gaining sponsorship partners for events can sometimes be challenging. A great way to boost sponsorship levels is to offer them more exposure, such as by having their logo or contribution appear in a video that is sent out after the event.

5. Make improvements to next year’s event

Now your event is over and the bar has been set, you know you’ll need to make it even better for next time. While you were running around on the day making sure everything was going to plan, you may have missed some areas where improvements can be made. Refer to footage taken at the event to see what can be added or adjusted next time and there you have it – problem solved.

It’s a no brainer. Contact us now to record your event and discover even more ways to enhance engagement with AV1’s media services.

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