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Live streaming events isn’t exactly a new thing anymore. But many event planners are still figuring out all the possibilities available to them and deciding the best way to produce an event in a fully virtual or hybrid context. 

We’ve all learnt a lot this past year when it comes to webcasting. But one aspect that many event planners continue to overlook is styling. That is, styled backdrops, decent furniture and floral or decorative accessories for your webcast. 

Engaging your online audience with a visual medium is key to garnering and keeping their interest.

Courtesy Divine Events

Tip #1 – Choose a suitable location and add a styled backdrop where necessary

Choose the location for your virtual event carefully. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, in a purpose-built studio or a boutique venue, what matters to your audience is what they see on their computer screen. Your venue may have grand high ceilings and intricate wall coverings, but a viewer won’t see this detail. Adding a styled backdrop or stage set can do wonders for how your event is received overall and provides a great opportunity for event branding or theming. 

AV1 ControlRoom Harbour View
AV1 ControlRoom at the MCA. Styling by Divine Events

Tip #2 – Choose comfy but not too comfy furniture

Why make your host and panel speakers sit for hours on an uncomfortable chair when filming? Choose decent furniture and you’re get a far better result. Consider the chair height, such as a nice armchair for a more relaxed fireside chat or an elegant stool for something short and more casual. Consider the chair width, as a wide chair could possibly take up too much valuable space in the camera shot. Consider the cushioning and the positioning of the chair back, because if it’s too cosy then you’ll find your presenters tend to slouch and this can look a bit sloppy on camera. 

AV1 ControlRoom Divine Events
AV1 ControlRoom at the MCA. Styling by Divine Events

Tip #3 – You can’t beat natural light

One of the most important aspects of your webcast will be lighting. Generally, the more natural light you can have in the room the better as it’s kinder on the eyes and you can include natural styling elements like plants, trees and neutral tones. But beware of the time of day your event will be streaming and if it’s streaming over a long period of time – prepare for the light to change. 

As you can see, there are a few considerations when styling virtual events. It’s a great idea to engage a professional event styling team like Divine Events who can help tailor all aspects of your virtual or hybrid event to suit your brand, theme, venue, messaging and overall look and feel.

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