Ok Dylan, let’s get straight into it with some quickfire questions.

What’s your favourite emoji? 🤨

Dog or cat person? Dog person but I have a cat.

Red or white wine? Yes.

Famous person dead or alive, who are you having dinner with? Jeff Buckley.

If you could be any animal, what would it be? Manta Ray.

Image: Dylan in his element bumping in for Rotary International’s Convention

You recently worked with Rotary on its International Convention in Melbourne. How did it come about and how did it go? 

It came about as a simple enquiry through our website! 

After a bit of phone tag we ended up meeting in October last year to discuss a request for proposal. This was the first I’d learned about the scale of the job. 

In January this year we received the official RFP and had our official bid submitted by March. We were nominated as the vendor for their international convention at Rod Laver Arena by early April. 

The lead up to the show and the event itself all went very smoothly, both Rotary and Live were very good communicators and had a very clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve.

Although the lead-up time was quite short, we were lucky to have a lengthy bump in schedule in order to focus on every possible detail. By the end of the show, Rotary, AV1 and the L!VE team were like family!

Image: The AV1 & L!VE teams

Tell us a bit about your plans for AV1 Melbourne in the coming year. 

Our focus in the last 12 months has been on scalability, putting in processes and procedures in order to scale up the business.

Last year we focused on employing new technicians and crew and this year we have been organising our warehouse to provide more efficient movements.

In the latter half of this year, we will be investing a lot in new equipment in order to level up our services to our clients.

AV1’s clients love new ideas. Throw one our way.


Using movement to reveal a performance or a key presenter, or a kinetic style lighting installation that can gradually move or grow throughout the event.

Image: A kinetic lighting display above a dancefloor for an AV1 client event

Love that. Got any others?!

Don’t be afraid to throw an extra handheld camera in the mix, audience reactions, and presenter walks ons always look great on your final production record.

What’s your favourite venue in Melbourne right now and why? 

Metropolis events in South Bank because I love their big New York-style windows looking over the Yarra and the Melbourne City Skyline.

Image credit: Metropolis Events

Tell us a little bit about your team. Who’s who in the zoo? 

The team is broken into the 3 core pillars

Pillar 1: Dylan – Customers and Sales

I like to give our clients a consistent friendly source of communication. I like to work mainly on client experience and journey as well as ensuring all their needs and expectations are met.

Pillar 2: Trent – everything technical

Trent has a great ability to break down the event into fine details with technical schematics and floor plans. He will always make sure he has the necessary equipment, adaptors and cabling on the job, and any online tech checks and rehearsals are covered!

Pillar 3: Theo – operations

Theo works closely with the two of us ensuring all the appropriate resources make it to the job on time and in perfect working order. He works well with me ensuring specific crew with specific abilities are allocated to the right jobs. He then works closely with Trent to improve the way we deliver our technical equipment on-site.

How do you unwind after a big event? Any tips for our clients? 

I like to take my crew out to celebrate. This helps us disconnect from work life, which I believe is important. It allows us to connect on a different level and within the team and also celebrate together a big win and a smooth event!

Putting on your out-of-office email responder for 24hrs and properly disconnecting from technology is also an important way for me to unwind. I love getting outdoors and off-grid.

Image: Dylan at The Balconies in the Grampians National Park

What’s your top tip for our clients to get the best out of their AV team? 

Over-communicate but don’t micromanage. Always feed the crew and provide lots of good Melbourne coffee.

And last but not least, why do you love events? 

I love being creative and that no two days are the same. I love the satisfaction of hitting all of your cues perfectly.

Image: Dylan operating at Rotary International Convention

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