Working from home? You’ll probably be tuning in to live video conferences a lot more frequently then. Perhaps you’ll also be the one leading the presentation. 

Whilst we’re sure everyone will be forgiving under the circumstances, it’s a much better look if your set up is professional-looking and delivered seamlessly.

Here’s our handy checklist to get your home set up looking spic and span for those video conference calls with your important clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

1. A good internet connection should be your first priority

We recommend a minimum of 10mbs. Chat to your internet provider and if your connection isn’t great, consider purchasing a dongle.

2. Find a space in your home that’s well lit

Ideally natural light but without direct sunlight on you or on the screen.

3. Consider what’s seen in the background

Other viewers may get distracted if they can see your TV or family members behind you. Consider what others can see on screen (apart from you!) 

4. Consider background noise

If you live on a main road, try to keep doors and windows closed. Don’t put a load of washing on right before a video call. If you’re taking notes, the sound of typing through a conference call can be extremely loud. As does eating. So save the snacks for later!

5. Use a separate Webcam

And get one that’s hi-definition to provide a clear image. Your face just doesn’t look good pixelated.

6. Use a separate microphone

Doing so will ensure audio clarity. 

7. Use a headset or headphones

That’ll avoid feedback from your inbuilt speakers.

8. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking

9. Business up top, party down the bottom

If you’ll be on show to professional contacts, it’s worth putting on a business shirt and brushing your hair. If you decide to stay in those trackies or hot pink short shorts, that’s totally your choice. Just remember not to stand up to grab a glass of water!  

10. Seek support from a professional

If it’s a really important meeting, why not contact your AV supplier who can provide you with all the high-quality equipment and set up you’ll need – as well as support for switching between audio, presentations, videos and recording or live streaming to wide audiences.

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