There are loads of benefits to streaming your event live.

While face-to-face events are essential for connecting your audience with your brand, staff, sponsors and each other, there will always be those who are simply unable to attend in person – due to location, affordability or lack of time.

Being able to reach and engage with these people is extremely important. And there’s no better way than to set your event up with live or on-demand viewing via the internet.

There are a few options to do this, including webcasting, live streaming to Facebook or YouTube or through your website or other channels. If live isn’t your thing, you could also record your event to upload later on.

Our media team is often called on to record and live stream events. But what differentiates a good live stream from a great one?

Here are our top 3 tips for live streaming your event…

1. The more camera angles, the better

Go for dynamic camera angles that not only capture the presentation but grasp the atmosphere in the room – for example audience reactions or wide shots. Doing so will increase viewer engagement and make watching the event much more interesting.

2. Use professional equipment

And enlist the experts to manage it for you. Having a team who understand the tech and use the right equipment for the job will ensure a high quality output. You’ll need professional cameras, switchers, special software and high quality audio.

Remember when you stream your event, you want to maximise engagement from viewers not just in the room but those watching online too. Be mindful of all audiences, not just who you can see.

3. Make sure your AV is spick and span

If your AV in the room isn’t great, think how poorly it’ll come through on video. With little else to focus on, your online audience will notice everything. Keep it professional with high quality lighting, perfect audio, and flawless vision.

Interested in learning more about live streaming? We can help. Contact us now.

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