Ever wondered who the smartest person in the room is? Guarantee it’s your AV operator.

They’re some of the most informed people around, because they get to go to every conference and listen to every presentation.

We’re forever being asked for recommendations of great speakers. So here they are – the best of the best on the circuit right now.

Amna Karra-Hassan

Her story: Amna is an advocate for diversity, inclusion and gender equality. She founded the first ever Women’s AFL team and has pioneered programs for women of minority communities in Western Sydney. She works with the AFP for cultural change in the workforce and was a finalist of the Australia’s Local Hero NSW.

Why she’s great: She’s a great down-to-earth, feminist speaker. Amna is extremely personable and humble, and captures her audience’s attention with humour and genuinity.

Daniel Flynn

His story: Daniel is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Thankyou – a social enterprise that commits 100% of its profits to ending global poverty. He mastered consumer engagement through social platforms and kickstarted a consumer movement to end poverty.

Why he’s great: He gives an impressive and engaging overview of how Thankyou began. The stories of all the challenges he had to overcome in the setup of his business are both incredibly inspiring and interesting.

Dana Vulin

Her story: At just 25, Dana faced a violent and unprovoked attack, doused in methylated spirits and set on fire. She suffered horrific burns to 64% of her body and face. Dana’s story of survival, determination and pure grit is extremely moving.

Why she’s great: She inspires and motivates her audience with her new zest for life. She’s living proof that beauty does come from within and she’s encouraging to those facing adversity themselves.

Deng Thiak Adut

His story: Deng was conscripted by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army at just 6 years old, handed an AK47 and forced to fight on the front lines. After escaping Sudan, he came to Sydney as a refugee where he sought an education and now pays it forward as a partner in his own law firm.

Why he’s great: He’s incredibly engaging and inspiring and speaks to what motivates him to get up in the morning. Deng is a self-made man and an example of Australian values like multiculturalism and giving a ‘fair go’.

Greg Layton

His story: Greg is a bestselling author, podcast host and executive coach helping middle managers create a more meaningful career. He’s lived and trained with the Shaolin Monks in China and tackled ultra marathons in the Gobi and Atacama Deserts. He has loads of strategic advice to offer and the practical tools to make things happen.

Why he’s great: Greg has done a lot of crazy things and coached a lot of incredible people, learning so many lessons along the way. You can’t help but want to sit up, shut up and listen.

Narelle Fraser

Her story: Narelle has stared death and trauma in the face throughout her career as a Detective investigating child abuse and sex offences. She gives a fascinating and often humorous insight into the daily life of a Police Officer from a female perspective. She has stories that will make you laugh, cry or just shake your head in disbelief.

Why she’s great: She uses her knowledge and experience to motivate her audience to take action or make a change.

Andy Lark

His story: Andy is a globally renowned marketer and innovator in social media. He brings inspiring insights into consumer trends and technology and his blog The Daily Lark is ranked in the Top 100 marketing blogs globally.

Why he’s great: He’s a strong speaker and in particular he can really hold his own on panels. One thing he’s not afraid of – expressing his opinion!

So if you’re ever after some recommendations, turn to the guys and gals at the back of the room who are there day-in-day-out learning from the best.

Can’t see your favourite speaker on the list? We’d love to know! Pop them in our suggestion box…

EDIT: Since this post was so popular, we created Part II. Check it out.

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