Geometric design is a longstanding trend in graphics, interiors, architecture, art and of course, events. 

The beauty comes from its simplicity. Mixing shapes, lines and curves gives a modern, edgy aesthetic that you can apply to your branding, set design, furniture, on-screen graphics, and just about any other element of your event. 

This month’s inspiration comes from: 


The retail brand used a geometric lighting display to mirror the shape of its perfume bottle in a store window. This idea inspires us to ask – do you have any distinctive shapes in your event branding you can translate into other physical or digital representations? 

Copenhagen Light Festival 

This uber-cool design, featured at Copenhagen Light Festival, is a real show-stopper. The 80-meter lighting installation named ‘The Wave’ was a hit at the 2017 event and continues to grab attention on social media sites like Pinterest as inspiration for artists, event producers and designers. 

It demonstrates the power of simplicity and the mesmerising impact you can create with limited elements. 

AV1 productions 

We morphed this trend into a kinetic lighting feature for IAG back in 2019. Hung in the centre of the room, the lights changed colour and moved up and down, spinning throughout the night to set the mood and make a statement. 

The recent AREC conference on the Gold Coast used the bottom half of an ‘A’ to form the shape of its on-stage screens. This created a unique, symmetrical frame on which to place content while providing the perfect position for the ‘AREC2022’ letters to sit underneath and complete the look.

Head over to Instagram to stay up to date as we announce June’s #inspiringideas theme on Friday 3 July. 

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