MONOLITH | An AV1 original set design using LED technology

As event professionals, you know how important having great content is to boost engagement and retention at your events. But what use is great content if it’s not presented on great-quality screens?

When it comes to selecting the best technology for your content, it can be hard to know which is the best solution with all the different options out there.

That’s why you have us. And from our research and experience, we’ve created this post to highlight all the benefits of using LED screens on your event.

LED screens use light-emitting diodes to display an image (we won’t get too techy, promise! Keep reading…) They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be used at indoor or outdoor events.

And the best part? They’re becoming more and more affordable – making them a realistic option for your event.

Here’s why LED screens are a great option – helping you keep your event attendees coming back year after year.

They produce hi-res, sharp images

Each LED screen comes with a different pitch (the gap between the pixels on the display).

The smaller the pitch, the more pixels there are, resulting in a higher resolution and higher quality image. For detailed content, you’ll want to go with a smaller pitch screen.

Larger pitch screens are best suited to background visuals where less detail is required. They’re also generally cheaper.

Colour reproduction is excellent

LED screens reproduce colour really well which is perfect for accurate branding. There’s nothing worse than the colour of your company logo appearing dull or misrepresented.

Most of them are modular

Many larger LED screens are often modular, meaning you can build them to any size you like by connecting individual tiles together. This is great news for tricky venues or locations, if you have a custom set design, or if you just want your event to be different and stand out.

They’re lightweight

Compared to LCD and Plasma screens, LED screens are lightweight. This means they can be floor mounted or hung from the ceiling, so you can get creative!

They’re super bright

How many times have you booked a venue with lovely big windows that show off a beautiful view, only to have to black them out in order for guests to see the monitor?

LED screens are extremely bright so they’re not affected by sunlight. So they’re suitable for all venues and locations – indoor and out.

There are even water-resistant options too which are perfect for outdoor use.

They’re more energy efficient

LED is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology, as it’s more durable, lasts longer and emits less energy as heat. It’s also more cost-effective. So if you’re looking to make more sustainable choices for your events (which you should be!) LED screens get the tick.

They provide flexibility

Unlike projection, the screens can go completely black – which is great when you have lots of black in your content or for those occasions when you want total room black-out.

And unlike front projection, you can walk in front of LED screens without obscuring the image. Stage or room lighting also won’t affect them, so if you want to bring the house lights up for a panel discussion or audience Q&A – this won’t impact the content.

So now you know that with LED you have options. Yes, smaller pitch screens might be more expensive for your detailed presentations, but you can go for a more affordable larger pitch and still get excellent quality.

Plus, if you find yourself stuck in a venue or outdoor space where existing display options just don’t work, LED will save you.

Using LED screens will ensure your content is beautiful, powerful and impactful. Your stakeholders will love them.

To speak with one of our tech experts about LED screens and other available LED technologies, get in touch now.

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