An AV1 original set design

AV1’s very own Luke “Fozzie” Fosbury has made a name for himself by creating unforgettable experiences for his clients. His latest creation showcases an innovative and creative approach to audio-visual production for corporate events.

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The Inspiration  

Inspired by Es Devlin’s design for Beyonce’s Formation tour, Luke’s goal was to bring a design from the art world and translate it to work in a conference environment.

Inspiration images from Beyoncé’s formation tour

When designing his productions, Luke questions the norm to create unique experiences; putting the attendee first. For example, in many corporate productions, you will see a centre screen that is straight. Luke asks, “Why does the centre screen have to be straight?” You might say, “For line of sight!” However, if you rethink your seating, you can create not just an AV production that challenges the norm, but an entire guest experience that wows. And that’s exactly what this design did. 

Luke’s recent client chose the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) as their venue and wanted to bring an artistic aspect to it, setting it apart from other corporate events, while drawing creative inspiration from the iconic setting, hence, this idea came to life.

The Design  

Dubbed “MONOLITH,” this design emphasises scale. The angled screens provided a third dimension to the viewing experience, while artificial drop shadows brought depth to the content; combined these elements created the illusion that the content was ‘inside a box’. Using picture-in-picture (PIP) technology, presentations can be layered on top, though this design truly shines with large, impactful video and animations.

Balance was key to the overall set design; which incorporated three monoliths with symmetrical positioning and negative space in between. It’s like a work of art in itself. You know, the kind of art that you just stare at for ages, trying to figure out what it all means. But with MONOLITH, you don’t have to think too hard, it’s just plain cool.

A 3D render of MONOLITH showing PIP presentation content

Create an experience that guests don’t expect 

This production created a unique point of interest to differentiate from other events. It is out of the ordinary and gave attendees something they didn’t expect. In planning for the event, Luke not only worked with the client on the audio-visual production but designing the overall event experience for a lasting impact; including angling the chairs so that guests could take it all in right from their seats. 

A turnkey production & content solution

If you are a bold brand that wants to stand out, this design is perfect for you. When incorporating this design into your next event, high-impact content is a must. Combining AV1’s production skills with our content team’s creativity, we’ve got the turnkey solution for you.

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