Roadshows. They’re tough.

All the travelling can really wear you down. But with a few handy hacks from our resident roadshow king Nigel, you’ll be skipping all the way to the airport.

In the mad rush before you head off, don’t forget this first tip.

Handy Hack #1 – Pre-book everything

Getting hit with exorbitant baggage fees at the airport is a sure way to ruin your mood quicker than you can say ‘rip-off’. Pre-pay online and save yourself the trouble.

Also avoid the hassle of waiting in long taxi lines and pre-book transport. It makes for a quick getaway from both the airport and the event.

So you’ve arrived at the airport at the crack of dawn. It’s too early to think of anything except coffee and you’re contemplating whether security would notice if you just laid down on the conveyor belt for a quick nap. Let’s get through this together.

Handy Hack #2 – Invest in a lounge membership

A must-have for any roadshow is lounge access. If you can make it here at whatever ungodly hour you arrived at the airport, you’ll be ok. The solace of the lounge with its free food, coffee, comfy chairs, coffee, wi-fi, bar service and coffee will mean a relaxing start to the trip, or at least quick access to refreshments if you’re dashing for a flight.

Handy Hack #3 – Don’t get trolleyed

Hopefully you don’t have too many bags to lug around the airport with you, but if you’re tasked with taking something that couldn’t be shipped earlier or sourced locally, check the taxi rank for used trolleys. Grabbing a new one will set you back $4 a pop. You could get a coffee for that!

Handy Hack #4 – Book the earlier flight

Tight turnarounds can be unavoidable. But if you have the choice, book a flight earlier than you need to. We all know flights can be delayed or cancelled, but with an earlier flight booked you’ll stress less and if it is on time, you’ll have more time to relax when you arrive.

Now you’ve reached the hotel, here are some more tips to make life a little better while away from home.

Handy Hack #5 – Unwind; tech-free

After a big day of travelling, setting up or conferencing, use the hotel facilities to unwind. It can be hard to finish a big day and go straight to bed, mind still buzzing. Take half an hour and unwind properly at the pool, spa or even just with a light treadmill walk or stretch at the gym.

Handy Hack #6 – Wake up like a champ

Afraid of sleeping through your alarm? Set multiple. Or maybe you’re used to having littlies jump on the bed in the morning to wake you up. Request a wake up call from the reception desk and rest assured you’ll get up on time.

Now we’re at the pointy end of the trip, so come a little closer and pay attention to these next hacks.

Handy Hack #7 – Laugh a little. Or a lot.

Humour is the key. The golden ticket. The special sauce. With the long hours, stressful moments and many flights, a little humour and wearing a smile goes a long way.

Handy Hack #8 – Water, water, water

Late nights. Flights. A few too many drinks at dinner. It’s so important to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water.

Did we say water? Sorry, we meant Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. And lots of it.

Handy Hack #9 – Eat well

One of the biggest mistakes on the road is a poor diet. And we know just how hard it is to eat healthy on the go when there’s fast food and morning tea muffins at every turn.

Go for a fresh salad or wrap, a piece of fruit, or the non-fried option. Carry some protein bars with you to curb those hunger pains. And pop to the convenience store and pick up some supplies in case room service isn’t available when you finish late at night. The extra effort will be worth it to help you stay energised, focussed and healthy.

You made it! See it wasn’t so bad after all. And we bet your events were brilliantly executed. So here’s for our final hack – one for surviving your next roadshow.

Handy Hack #10 – The most important hack of all

Yep, you guessed it. Have AV1ders by your side for your next roadshow and you’ll feel secure knowing you and your events are in the best hands. We know roadshows. We live roadshows. And your touring AV1der will help you get through each event, delivering exceptional results.

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