Are you someone who always has their phone at the ready to record life’s memorable moments?

Why not make your own videos look that extra bit professional? We asked our Art Director Josh Goding to share his pro tips for shooting video with a phone. 

Always shoot in landscape

Avoid holding the phone upright and make sure to shoot in landscape. There’s a reason our TVs, movie theatres and computer screens are all landscape.

Lighting matters

Look for natural light and avoid harsh backlighting that can ruin a good video.

Set the scene

Remove any background clutter if you can as it pulls attention away from your subject.

Control the noise

Steer clear of loud areas with background noise, as it’ll interfere with the sound quality and distract the viewer. You should also try to film as close as you can to your subject so the phone microphone can have the best chance at receiving clear audio.

Hold steady

If you can, use a tripod with a phone attachment. If that’s not an option, grip your phone with both hands and keep your elbows close to your body. Alternatively, use a flat surface to rest your phone on.

Have fun

Have fun with it! Play around and try different angles when you shoot because you never know when the perfect moment will appear.

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