Three takeaways from Champions Retreat

10 May 2017 | Community

In May 2017 we had the privilege of attending the inaugural Champions Retreat – a chance for Aussie B Corps to come together to discover ways of working collaboratively to create change.

Surrounded by picturesque Alice Springs, we learnt so much during the three day conference and we’re excited to share our top three takeaways.

These are changes you could implement right now, so you too can help inspire change.

Top three takeaways:

1. Choose to work with B Corp Certified suppliers and clients. Their supply chains have been vetted, so there are no proverbial skeletons in the closet. We’ve partnered with coffee producers Republica Organic for our daily grind and Stone & Wood and Four Pines for Friday beers.

2. Take the B Corp assessment or even become a B Corp yourself. Remember that B Corps are profitable businesses, so you can make a positive impact on the world and keep all stakeholders happy. Making a profit is important as it allows you to influence and encourage others, while directing funds towards your purpose.

3. Book your next event in a nature-friendly environment. Never underestimate the power of a good location. Our country is beautiful and sometimes your delegates need to step away from distractions to embrace fresh thinking and new ideas. Learning from locals and traditional owners in a place like Alice Springs provides an event experience you can’t always get in a hotel ballroom.

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