Know that feeling in a great restaurant when the waitperson provides everything you need (and more!) without intruding on your dining experience?

Now you can create that feeling for delegates on your next event. Here’s how…

Welcome them, don’t overwhelm them

First impressions count. When your delegates arrive they deserve a seamless, no fuss experience that impresses them well before the opening act. Enlist the help of self-service, onsite registration kiosks that kick off your event without a bang.

Delegates are engaged from the start, instantly printing their badge and heading straight into the event to network or grab a coffee.

Give them the information they need

Delegates use their smartphones every day to access information quickly, so offer the same at your event. Use a dedicated event app to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

With all the information in one place, attendees can find answers immediately. From updated schedules and speaker changes, to exhibitor directories and the best coffee nearby. Plus, send push notifications directly to their phone for critical information and reminders.

Encourage them to get involved, if they want to

Supercharge engagement by adding gamification features to your event app. Don’t hassle your attendees with stamp books to take around the exhibition. Do it all digitally.

Exhibitors can drive traffic through incentives and lead capture, while delegates can view and connect with fellow attendees. Use a secure in-app social feed to provide further engagement for delegates, where they can publish content, photos and comments.

Allow them to give feedback

Don’t stand at the back of the closing session waiting to collect feedback forms. Take the pressure off and allow delegates to provide ongoing feedback in a safe environment using an event app.

Even better, use interactive polling and Q&A features to involve the audience in live discussions. It’s easy; ask a question, attendees submit answers instantly on an app, and you display the results on screen.

Your future self will thank you

Data is king, so give yourself the ability to easily collect and use it.

No more wasted time printing multiple versions of name badges, session updates or handbooks. Save yourself the trouble and allow for instant changes, instant registrations and instant feedback.

Spend more time engaging personally with your delegates, and let technology do the work for you.

Sprintr by AV1 specialises in registration kiosks, customisable event apps and event technology solutions.

Call 02 8310 0355 to book a demo or visit to find out more.

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